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NoSwed Lines
The fast and relaxed journey between the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden!

NoSwed Lines

NoSwed Lines is a direct crossing between the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. With frequent passages, we make sure there is a fast and relaxed journey between the Eemshaven (the Netherlands) and Kristiansand (Norway) and between Kristiansand (Norway) and Gothenburg (Sweden).

Whether you are transporting goods, on a business trip or on holiday, NoSwed Lines makes you feel content whilst taking a short break. The facilities on board are of a high standard and make the crossing an exceptional experience. Therefore, you feel rested when you arrive at your destination and you can continue your journey.

Office facilities

For those who are on a business trip, there are office facilities with adequate equipment, so you can continue your work while on the ship.

Extra attractive

For transporters, this route has even more advantages. You avoid traffic jams, lessen the fuel and toll costs and you don’t have to be concerned about the law which caps driving time. If desirable, trailers can be transported without a lorry.

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Passengers information


For now you can make reservations by email or telephone. In the nearby future reservations can be booked via our website or through a travel organisation. There is a wide selection available, from a basic reservation to a very luxurious one, there is always something for everyone.

Because of the many facilities you and your travel companions will have a great time, the various restaurants and activities will make your journey very comfortable.


Children up to and including 3 years old travel for free and children from 4 to 15 years travel at a reduced rate. For children, the journey to Scandinavia on our ship is an exceptional experience.

For disabled people, there is an option to reserve an adjusted hut. Pets are allowed provided that they have the right papers.

Club member

Also, there is the opportunity to become member of the NoSwed Lines club. This way, you will always be on top of all the promotions and you can use all our services at a discount.

Rates are soon online available. The conditions can be found here.

Transporters information


If you transport to or from Scandinavia on a regular basis or you are interested to start doing this in the future, then using our connection will be cheaper and more sustainable for you. Via your own customer portal you will be able to go to our website, where you can book the crossing.

With driver

It is possible to let your driver travel with the transport. There are special one-person cabins available for the drivers. They will arrive fully rested and can continue with their journey without delay from traffic jams.

Without driver

Transporting without a driver is also an option. The cargo with trailer will be unloaded at the harbour and the driver can continue. These trailers will be carefully placed on the ship with a terminal tractor. When the ship arrives, the cargo will be brought to its destination by another driver. At the wharf and on board there are reefer plugs for refrigerated trailers.